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Good Morning Barcelona - Fine Art Print

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Hello People,

I am extremly proud to share on of my all time favorite photographs I have ever taken! Now available as a Fineart print to be potentially on your wall soon. 7am in Barcelona. Hopping the fence to get in. Jumping off a 10 Meter diving board above the city. A split second of absolute freedome.

Captured by Laurens Saggau with an Olympus MJU ll Camera with a Cinestill 800t color negative film. In Frame jumping is Jovan Uljarevic.

With the purchase of this print you are not only supporting me as an artist you are also a part of a way bigger project.

All the money I make with this print will be put straight back into the making of a complete Photobook about Cliffjumping, Parkour and the aesthetic of humans in high places defying gravity. 


Don't ever stop hopping fences!


With love from Berlin,

Laurens aka Birdseye